The Reviews Are In



“I've used 5 different lottery programs over 20 years and myLottery blows them all out of the water.”

—  Emily Bejarano | Academica West, Utah Charter School Lottery Expert


Our first lottery went great! 

Within a few minutes, we had 5% of our Offered students accept their offer. 

I want to compliment you on how simple and user-friendly the setup is—it only includes what’s necessary.

Heather Fehrenbach
Channing Hall

Draper, Utah


I have been working with lotteries at multiple charter schools for 15 plus years, this lottery is by far the best one yet. 

I am very happy that we switched.

Lalani Williams
Bridge Elementary

Roy, Utah



“Your team's creativity and willingness to build in flexibility and make improvements based on customer feedback is refreshing. 

myLottery has increased efficiency and fixed all the frustrating pain points and shortfalls from previous lotteries we’ve used. 

A program built from a marketing perspective rather than just a simple database is worth the cost. 

This program is easier for parents to use and less time is spent managing enrollment.”

—  Adam Gerlach | Wallace Stegner Academy, 3 campuses in Utah


myLottery has been wonderful! 

As nervous as I was about all the automatic emails, it has made the process more efficient and saved a lot of time. 

I would be happy to talk with anyone interested and deciding to sign up.

I am still amazed at how much time this has saved me.

Cami Thorpe
Excelsior Academy

Erda, Utah


Frogtummy energy is off the charts amazing. 

Only Frogtummy could have done what they just accomplished in building this lottery program. 

I am so happy to be working with you.

Jennifer McKissick
Hawthorn Academy

2 campuses in Utah
South Jordan, West Jordan



“We've used lottery programs for five different charter schools—this one was easy! It looks good, and I'm not worried about giving my son's name over a Google form. 

I started filling out my son's application and forgot to finish; a few days later, I got an email to finish my application. I clicked the link and was taken right to my application. 

I like that I can log in and see his lottery status and emails and texts sent to me.”

—  Lon & Mary McReaken | Parents, Leadership Learning Academy


I love that parents can reply directly to me from any email or text I send. 

This is a lifesaver.

Halley Miranda
Hawthorn Academy

2 campuses in Utah
South Jordan, West Jordan


Two things I love—I get an email when an application is submitted and I get an email when my registrar runs the lottery!

Lani Rounds
Bridge Elementary

Roy, Utah