Increase conversions through sales funnels.

With our lottery- and enrollment-driven sales funnels, you can communicate with families at every stage of the lottery / enrollment process. 

Timely communication can powerfully increase student enrollment! 

Sales funnel messaging can be through email and/or text, according to your preference and the preference of each family. Sales funnel messages can be sent automatically or manually, and families can reply to you directly!

For example, you can:

  • remind families to finish their application
  • send your registration link upon offer acceptance
  • remind families to bring in documents
  • ask "why" an offer was declined

You get the idea!

myFunnels Features



“The automatic emails has made the process more efficient and saved a lot of time. I would be happy to talk with anyone interested and deciding to sign up.

 I am still amazed at how much time this has saved me.”

—  Cami Thorpe | Excelsior Academy

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get conversions through sales funnels.

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