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Get a custom school website that is easy to update with our drag-and-drop widgets. 

Easily update your website on your own – 24/7!

MyLottery is a powerful
Student Lottery & CRM tool.

myLottery was thoughtfully designed in partnership with the leading charter school lottery expert in the state with over 20 years of experience with charter school lotteries. 

Working together, we built a program that anticipates your lottery needs, integrates with your SIS for easy reconciliation, saves time, offers powerful sales funnels, and is wildly easy to use.

The icing on the cake? We can migrate your school to myLottery in less than a week!

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We support schools throughout Utah, and beyond.

Frogtummy started working with charter schools in 2006. We support many of the charter schools in Utah! We also work with many schools around the United States.

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Draw attention to your school website.

Our CMS is so easy to use! Use our drag-and-drop widgets to build pages on the fly. Update your school website on your own – 24/7 – and still have it look amazing. Our websites look great on all devices – mobile, desktop and everything in between.

Increase conversions through sales funnels.

Communicate with families at every stage of enrollment. For example, text those who have not submitted their application, those who accepted their offer but have not brought in documents, etc. Timely communication can powerfully increase student enrollment.

Easy lottery & enrollment.

myLottery anticipates your lottery needs, integrates with your SIS for easy reconciliation, saves time, offers powerful sales funnels, and is wildly easy to use.

Timely communication through email + text.

myInbox provides registrars with easy follow-up and communication! Send emails and texts automatically or manually to any individual or group.

Online store.

myPayment enables schools to easily sell and manage any type of product: school swag, clubs, books, class registration, student fees, and even donations. Give your families and staff an appealing and easy shopping experience.

Allow parents to arrange carpools.

myCarpool allows families to easily find and arrange their own carpools online using a live Google map! Families can see and connect with other families who wish to carpool.

What They Say


You are worth every penny we send your way. 

We went to a charter board training last night and our website was shouted out as one to copy! Three separate times. The Director doing the training is changing their website to be more like ours.

Gil Jarvie
Executive Director

Franklin Discovery


You are such a positive professional. 

It is a joy to work with you.

The counselor caught me in the hall almost in tears excited over it — his words: inviting, positive message, easy-to-navigate, intuitive.

Robin Gilbert

Payette School District

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